Tuscan Cafe

Where Friends Gather

Welcome to the Tuscan Cafe!

The Tuscan Cafe is committed to bringing excellence into everyone’s day; whether it be through freshly brewed coffees, high quality pastry, or our giant grilled sandwiches. Whatever the reason is that brought you into Tuscan Cafe, our friendly service and comfortable atmosphere will keep you coming back. It is no wonder the Tuscan Cafe is where friends gather.


Tuscan Cafe is located in the heart of downtown Northville, a city offering the luxury of a small Victorian village with rich heritage. Northville is the home of the Victorian Festival and many other town gatherings. The Tuscan Cafe has become a Northville Icon shortly after opening in 1995. With the locals meeting for their morning coffee, the cyclist making a lunch stop on their afternoon ride, and shoppers taking a coffee break to recoup their energy, the Tuscan Cafe is the perfect stop for every occasion.

Valentine's Day Goodies!

We have stocked up for all you love birds and love bird hopefuls.  Or maybe even for those who are just in love with themselves.  Any which way you want to justify it, we have Zang candy bars, Marshmallows, and Zingerman's Hunka Burning Love (4 layer chocolate) cakes.  Nothing says I love you, …….or like you, or ……...maybe want to spend more time with you…..than chocolate.  

We are giving a Zang Marshmallow in every in house Hot chocolate now throughout the weekend.  Make sure to come on in, sit down and enjoy the holiday for whatever it means to you.